Pet Sitting Franchise Opportunity

Pet Sitting Franchise Opportunity

How To Start Your Pet Sitting Business For Free
in 30 days with Pets Homes and Gardens

The franchise programme includes all of the following as standard
and at no additional charge:

• Full business package including professional PHG website, business telephone number, comprehensive training, acclaimed operations manual, internet business listings (Google,, national campaigns etc.

• Both direct and mentored help and support to guide you through every step of setting up a new business and then running it successfully.

• Comprehensive, easy to follow, tried & tested marketing and advertising plan, showing you exactly what to do, including PHG designed adverts that get results fast.

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Pet Sitting Franchise Opportunity
Pet Sitting Franchise Opportunity
Pet Franchise

Start Your Business Today
... the Right Way

Sadly, most self-start new business ventures fail, and not only do they collapse but they invariably lose the thousands of pounds invested in them. The reasons for failure generally are because of a lack of understanding in setting up a business, no sales and marketing skills, and the lack of help and support.

The alternative is to buy an expensive business franchise, which will supply you with an ‘instant business’ and get you started. But the problem is the immediate upfront costs you face, which is thousands of pounds again, money people often just don’t have or simply can’t afford to risk on something new. All in all, it can seem daunting.

At Pets Homes and Gardens we’re different. We understand how tough it is for people to get started, and so have created our pet sitting business franchise that has no initial investment and we can have your business up and running inside 30 days. Having managed a successful pet sitting business ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to create and run a thriving business.

You do not pay anything to get started!

To find out more, please look further through our website and then call us today.


Latest News: Stunning Results From Our Franchisees

We have Franchisees already on target for generating over £40,000 in annual income with us, making over £6,400 last August alone – and this is during perhaps the toughest economic climate for decades!

Read more of our Testimonials for details.

Call us to enquire about this Pet Franchise Opportunity and secure your territory today, before someone else does!


Pet Sitting Franchise OpportunityPet Sitting Franchise OpportunityPet Sitting Franchise Opportunity
Pet Sitting Franchise Opportunity